2018: April

30 April 2018

49 entries: 39 features, 4 cinema viewings, 14 rewatches...

2018: March

01 April 2018

41 entries: 32 features, 24 cinema viewings, 3 rewatches...

2018: February

01 March 2018

40 entries: 26 features, 34 cinema viewings, 6 rewatches...

Berlinale 2018: Index

28 February 2018

Reviews and reports from the 68th Berlinale...

Stalking the Undead: Delft and Herzog's "Nosferatu"

02 February 2018

In Delft itself—on a Saturday afternoon in February at least—there is considerably more human activity than there appears to be in Nosferatu, in which the place has an unearthly, somnambulant feel, as if local residents had shut up their doors and windows for the evening ahead of Herzog and Kinski’s arrival.

2018: January

01 February 2018

36 entries: 33 features, 15 cinema viewings, 8 rewatches...

Unknown If Not Forgotten: Billy Woodberry On Bob Kaufman

13 January 2018

The L.A. Rebellion filmmaker speaks about his first film in three decades, a documentary on Beat poet Bob Kaufman, ‘the Black Rimbaud’

No More Sob Stories: My 2017 in Criticism

03 January 2018

Images, nevertheless, sustain us: we take meaning from what we can. Cinema as support system; criticism as self-care. Accruing another year’s worth of viewings, life became an insatiable pursuit—hopefully selfless, possibly not—of chemistries, of intimacies. Reflexive, instinctive. There is no off-switch to any of this and one day we will die.