Directors Index

Updated 6 May: Benning ('Cuba', 'Fresh Air'); Cassavetes ('Gloria', 'Love Streams', 'Husbands' +1, 'Too Late Blues'); Coens ('Hail, Caesar!'); Davies ('A Quiet Passion'); Ford ('She Wore a Yellow Ribbon'); Lumet ('Fail Safe'); Roeg ('The Man Who Fell to Earth'); Scorsese ('GoodFellas' +1); Whale ('The Road Back').

Top Tens: 1920-2016

Updated 6 May: 2016 (whole list added); 1971 ('Healthy People for Fun' out, 'Get Carter' in); 1970 ('Husbands' moves up); 1964 ('The Gospel According to St. Matthew' out, 'Fail Safe' in); 1961 ('Sunday' out, 'Too Late Blues' in); 1937 ('Calendar of the Year' out, 'The Road Back' in).

April 2016 Viewing Tally

21 features, six shorts/midlengths; 14 at cinema, two rewatches...


An index to all festival coverage: reports from AV to Zagreb...
Update 15 March: Diagonale (Graz)