Blade Runner 2049: Propaganda, Obviously, For an Oppressive Cause

Film criticism had grown increasingly hostile to the image, to the artform itself: beauty was inherently devious, not to be trusted. Tired of form, we wanted meaning. The medium was no longer the message. ‘In fact, just give us the message.’

2017: Viewing and Reading

Latest: 'Canticle of All Creatures' (Film), 'Twin Peaks' S3 (TV), 'I.W.W. Songs to Fan the Flames of Discontent' (Books)...

Love Is Folly, Talk Is Cheap: Black Sea Dialogues

In Varna, Bulgaria, on 'Nocturama', 'The Olive Tree', 'Anna Karenina' and more at the 25th edition of Love Is Folly.

My new film: "Dead Centre"

In which cycles of everyday urban living play out against a site of zombie capitalism.

Edging the City: "Lea River Bridges"

Speaking to Jonathan Perel about my new film Lea River Bridges