My new film: "Dead Centre"

In which cycles of everyday urban living play out against a site of zombie capitalism.

2017: Viewing and Reading

Latest: 'Pretenders' (Film), 'Top of the Lake' S1 (TV), 'Buda's Wagon' (Books)...

Edging the City: "Lea River Bridges"

Speaking to Jonathan Perel about my new film Lea River Bridges

2016: Viewing and Reading

Updated 30 December. Final tallies: 156 features, 146 shorts (196 at the cinema, 61 rewatches). Plus 15 television seasons and 26 books.

Top Tens: 1920-2016

Updated 1 December: 2016 ('NO'I', 'Answer Print', 'Protect Yourselves: NoDAPL', 'The Trembling Giant', 'Passage', 'Spazio-Temple: Prelude' in, 'Hail, Caesar!', 'Atlal', 'A Quiet Passion', 'Fire at Sea', 'Eldorado XXI', 'Homo Sapiens' out); 2015 ('Snowbirds' in; 'Academy of the Muses' out); 1991 ('The Leader, His Driver and the Driver's Wife' in, 'Boyz N the Hood' out); 1984 ('Starman' in, 'Black Devil Doll From Hell' out).