idFilm so far - a statement by MP

15 November 2010

At this point I may as well say it: I'm a Marxist. That means first and foremost, in economic terms, that I'd like to disassociate myself from Stalinism and state capitalism. I don't feel the need to go into the differences between each - though any wider outlook inevitably affects artistic approach, this is a film blog not a 'Political' one, and if you're interested, do look the terms up yourself.

I'm writing this because this very blog wasn't my idea, it was someone's with whom I feel I've been good friends for some years, but who hasn't yet contributed to the blog in any way. It was he who suggested that the old idFilm forum (under another name) was running its course, and that in order to make a new forum work we should structure it around an ongoing blog, because 'a blog asks for content submission in a way that a message board doesn't' (I agreed and still do; this is my first blog).

The thing is, he too is a Marxist; in fact, a large part of the reason I am is through his influence. But it's not just that; something else is at stake. I invited a third person to write for us and he still hasn't. I realise people - even film enthusiasts - have their own social commitments. I am not complaining.

But I do wonder: are my writing style, critical tone and political focus creating more and more a sort of niche to which these people - whose opinions I respect deeply, regardless of political affiliations - feel unable or unwilling to contribute?

Whatever, as idFilm is well into its eighth month now, I would like to entice others to write on this page. In the early months, I personally would update the blog with selected weekly news; as it developed - if developed it has - I neglected this feature and the column became more personal, though I didn't wish it to.

I worry that the very length of the reviews I've written - most of which haven't garnered any feedback at all - is a problem. But I don't wish it to be. I write for however long I feel is necessary for whichever film I feel the need to review. From this, I'd encourage others, should they wish, to post whatever thoughts they might have on a film or films in general, whatever the length, style, tone or focus.

If we all love films, we should all love discussing them.

I write my way, you write yours.