id, I'd, I.D., I do

25 August 2011

Recently, I've had a few friends orally comment on this site in conversation. They call it "I.D. film". But I've always thought of it as "id film". As the blog's "About Us" page notes, the initial idea for the title came from a member of our (now-closed) message forum: "id for the unconscious drive, I.D. for identity, and even I'd film for our erstwhile/current ambitions... if you like".

As editor, I'll add a fourth: I dee, which in my local dialect means "I do". As in, I do film. And after revisiting forty or so films this month - following this post - the marital connotations of this last phrase are apt. We're not writing as much on here as we were in, say, April, but in film-watching terms we're committed at least.