Locarno Critics Academy 2013

05 September 2013

An index to all work from this year's Locarno Critics Academy...

With autumn's busy festival season now in full swing, it's a good time to archive the critical output filed and recorded by my fellow Critics Academy participants during this year's Festival del film Locarno.

You'll want to take your time with this: the form and range is wide, and many of the films reported on are about to feature at Toronto, New York, London and beyond.

Coverage is listed alphabetically by critic, whose output is then indexed by most recent. Click on a name below for the desired index.

James Berclaz-Lewis (Switzerland) ^

Le journal d'un jeune critique (2)
...on The Colour of Your Body's Tears, for L'Hebdo (French)
Quentin Dupieux’s American Myths and the Double-Edged Sword of Absurdity
...on Wrong Cops, for FilmLinc
Sex, Disability and Videotapes
...on Gabrielle and The Special Need, for Indiewire
Catharsis on Display in Exhibition
...on Joanna Hogg's latest, for FilmLinc
Le journal d'un jeune critique (1)
...on the first week of screenings, for L'Hebdo (French)
Mary Queen of Scots
...on the press conference of Thomas Imbach's latest, for Pardo Live
More Than Honey: Has the Swiss Documentary Peaked?
...on More Than Honey and other Swiss docs, for Indiewire
Joaqim Pinto: 'I Feel Much Better Now'
...on E Agora? Lembra-me's press conference, for Pardo Live

Ronan Doyle (Ireland) ^

Complete index
...including reviews, reports, dispatches, articles and more

Adriana Floridia (Canada) ^

Sex and Disability
...on Gabrielle and The Special Need, for FilmLinc
Off the See the Wizard... in 3D
...on The Wizard of Oz, for Indiewire
...on the ugly, the meh, the decent and the good, for The Arts Scene
On the Way to School
...on the press conference of the closing film, for Pardo Live
Reconsidering Bullying and School Violence on the Big Screen
...on The Dirties, for FilmLinc
Not Only the Young
...on Gloria and Mr. Morgan's Last Love, for Indiewire
Gloria :: Short Term 12 :: The Dirties
...reviews, for The Arts Scene
The Dirties :: Short Term 12 :: We're the Millers
...video reviews with guests, for Fresh From the Theatre
We're the Millers
...on the press conference of Rawson M. Thurber's latest, for Pardo Live
The Festival of Discovery
...on the lineup ahead, for The Arts Scene

Tara Karajica (Serbia) ^

•  The Nordic Noir Wave
...on The Keeper of Lost Causes, for FilmLinc
Seven questions to Eric Kohn
...on film criticism, for Festivalists
It's 'About Time' for Some Good Romance
...on the rom-com and Richard Curtis' latest, for FilmLinc
Mary Queen of Scots :: About Time :: The Keeper of Lost Causes
...reviews, for The Film Prospector
2001 and Silent Running
...on Douglas Trumbull, for Indiewire
The Cukor Clock is Ticking...
...on the complete George Cukor retrospective, for Indiewire
Interview with Alessandro Raja, Festival Scope CEO
...on distribition and exhibition platforms, for Pardo Live
The darkness of Scaninavian Cinema is its pride and charm
...on The Keeper of Lost Causes, for Pardo Live

Laya Maheshwari (India) ^

Portaits of Past and Future Lives
...on Our Sunhi and A Time in Quchi, for FilmLinc
Top Five
...on Master of the Universe and others, for Film.com
Douglas Trumbull
...on the past and future of special effects, for Film.com
Our Sunhi, and their approach to the film
...on the press conference of Hong Sang-soo's latest, for Pardo Live
Kiyoshi Kurosawa and Shinji Aoyama
...on Japanese film and why Oblivion should be in the arthouse, for Indiewire
The Dirties
...on Matt Johnson's debut feature, for Film.com
On the cleanliness of The Dirties 
...an interview with the makers of The Dirties, for Pardo Live
Short Term, Longwave: Coming of Age in Locarno
...on Short Term 12, for Indiewire
Saruman Goes to Switzerland
...on a discussion with Sir Christopher Lee, for Film.com

Michael Pattison (UK) ^

Complete Index

Ingrid Raison (France) ^

Chemical Amnesia and Cinematic Awarness
...on Pays Barbare, for FilmLinc
Hong Sang-soo Channels Jacques Tati
...on Our Sunhi and its universal comedy, for FilmLinc
Mortality and the Prison of the Mind
...on E Agora? Lembra-me and Shivers, for Indiewire
Brazilian and Portuguese Masters Find Common Ground
...on The King's Body and Sentimental Education, for Indiewire
Historia de la meva mort
...on the press conference of Albert Serra's latest, for Pardo Live
...on the press conference of Guillaume Brac's latest, for Pardo Live

Pablo Sulzer (Switzerland) ^
Kolonialismus, Kafka, Kopfarbeit
...on the international competition, for Cineman (German)

Katelyn Trott (USA) ^

I Went to Locarno Film Festival and All I Got Were These Five Incredible Movies
...on Blue Ruin and others, for Movies.com
Emerging Stars Shine at Intimate Festival
...on Brie Larson and Dani Pudi, for FilmLinc
Did Locarno's French Films Use Scenery as a Crutch?
...on Gare du Nord, Un autre vie and Le sens de l'humour, for Indiewire
The Dirties Approaches School Shootings as Black Comedy
...on Matt Johnson's debut, for Indiewire
Blue Ruin
...on the press conference of Jeremy Saulnier's film
Marilyn Manson Garners Attention for Wrong Cops
...on the musician's performance in Quentin Dupieux's latest