2015 Releases and Premieres*

06 January 2015

Last updated: 3 December 2015...

* 2015 world-premiere with no online/UK commercial release
# Non-fiction

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Grades are designed to have a level of flexibility and fluidity. A 7/10 grade, for example, means that at worst I like the film, at best I really like it. A 6/10 means that I liked the film at best, and at worst I had major qualms, but wouldn't say I disliked it. Etc.

10/9 Among best seen; 9/8 Loved it; 8/7 Really liked it; 7/6 Liked it; 6/5 Major qualms, but didn't dislike; 5/4 Disliked it; 4/3 Strongly disliked it; 3/2 Hated it; 2/1 Among worst seen.


_1. * Toponymy (Perel) 9/10 #
_2. * The Royal Road (Olson) 9/10 #
_3. * Spotlight (McCarthy) 9/10 
_4. Stray Dogs (Tsai) 9/10
_5. Home From Home: Chronicle of a Vision (Reitz) 8/10
_6. National Gallery (Wiseman) 8/10 #
_7. Li'l Quinquin (Dumont) 8/10
_8. * Dead Slow Ahead (Herce) 8/10 #
_9. * The Event (Loznitsa) 8/10 #
10. * The Academy of the Muses (Guérin) 8/10 #
11. * In Transit (Maysles et al.) 8/10 #
12. * The Treasure (Porumboiu) 8/10
13. The Tribe (Slaboshpytskiy) 8/10
14. * Queen of Earth (Perry) 8/10
15. Sicario (Villeneuve) 8/10
16. The Last of the Unjust (Lanzmann) 8/10 #
17. Amour Fou (Hausner) 8/10
18. Chappie (Blomkamp) 8/10
19. Eat Your Bones (Hue) 8/10

45 Years (Haigh)
* 600 Miles (Ripstein) 
* Absent (Mishory) #
* Aferim! (Jude)
* America Recycled (Hussin/Hussin) #
* The Assassin (Hou)
* Beauty and the Right to the Ugly (Van Oldenborgh) #
* City Work (Peydró) #
* Christmas, Again (Poekel)
* The Club (Larraín) 
The Dark Horse (Robertson) 
* Dawn (Pakalnina)
Dreamcatcher (Longinotto) #
The Duke of Burgundy (Strickland)
Enemy (Villeneuve)
* The Eyes of André (Correia)
* Family Film (Omerzu)
Force Majeure (Östlund)
* A German Youth (Périot) #
* A Heavy Heart (Stuber)
* In Jackson Heights (Wiseman) #
Inherent Vice (Anderson)
It Follows (Mitchell)
* Ixcanul Volcano (Bustamante)
* James White (Mond)
* Kings of Nowhere (Garcia) #
* Machine Gun or Typewriter? (Wilkerson) #
Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation (McQuarrie)
* The Monument Hunter (Rodriguez) #
* Mustang (Gamze Ergüven)
My Skinny Sister (Lenken)
* No Cow on Ice (Domínguez Serén) #
* On Football (Oksman) #
* Out On the Street (Metwaly/Rizk) #
* The Pearl Button (Guzmán) #
* Photos of Identification (Leandro) # 
Second Coming (Tucker Green)
Steve Jobs (Boyle)
* The Summer of Sangaile (Kavaite)
Tangerine (Baker) 
Theeb (Nowar)
Timbuktu (Sissako)
Tokyo Tribe (Sono)
* Uncertain (Sandilands/McNicol) #
* Underground Fragrance (Pengfei)
* White Coal (Tiller) #

Amy (Kapadia) #
* And When I Die, I Won't Stay Dead: Bob Kaufman, Poet (Woodberry) #
* The Apostate (Veiroj)
Babai (Morina)
Birdman (Iñárritu)
Bitter Lake (Curtis) #
Blind (Vogt)
Carol (Haynes)
* Chuck Norris vs Communism (Calugareanu) #
* Counting (Cohen) #
The Diary of a Teenage Girl (Hellier)
* Eisenstein in Guanajuato (Greenaway)
* Fi Rassi Rond-Point (Ferhani) #
Foxcatcher (Miller)
* Gone (Jin)
* Jack (Scharang)
* Jade Miners (Z) #
* Keeper (Senez)
* Key House Mirror (Noer)
* Land and Shade (Acevedo)
* Len and Company (Goodsall)
* The Lovely Valley (Lepingle) #
Macbeth (Kurzel)
Mad Max: Fury Road (Miller)
* Mana (Kontakos) #
Manglehorn (Green)
A Most Violent Year (Chandor)
* Mountains May Depart (Jia)
Mr. Holmes (Condon)
* The Mud Woman (San Martín)
* My Father's Land (Galofré/Johnson) #
* My Talk With Florence (Poet) #
* My Mother (Nanni)
* Nahid (Panahandeh)
* Neon Bull (Mascaro)
* New World (Benkowska/Ostalski/wawrzecki)
* One Floor Below (Muntean)
* The Other Side (Minervini) #
Pasolini (Ferrara)
* A Pigeon Sat on a Branch Reflecting on Existence (Andersson)
* Santa Teresa & Other Stories (Arios) #
* Schneider vs. Bax (Warmerdam)
* The Sky Trembles and the Earth Is Afraid and the Two Eyes Are Not Brothers (Rivers)
* Stairless (Novaković)
* Three Days in September (Pejovski)
* To the Center of the Earth (Rosenfeld)
* Under Electric Clouds (German)
* Until I Lose My Breath (Balci)
* Vanishing Sail (Andrews) #
* Venecia (Álvarez)
* Wednesday, May 9 (Jalilvand)
* The Will to Art (Urchuud) #
* The Wolf's Lair (Mourão) #

* Above and Below (Steiner) #
American Sniper (Eastwood)
* Banat (Valerio)
* Berserker (Hernando)
Blackhat (Mann)
Catch Me Daddy (Wolfe)
* Cosmos (Żuławski)
* A Girl of Her Age (Laranjeira)
* Hel (Priwieziencew/Tarasiewicz)
* The Here After (Von Horn) 
* Island City (Oberoi)
* Knight of Cups (Malick)
* La La La at Rock Bottom (Yamashita)
* Love (Noé)
* The Magic Mountain (Schtakleff) # 
* Men and Chicken (Jensen)
* Meurtrière (Grandrieux)
* No Home Movie (Akerman) #
* Of the North (Gagnon) #
* Peace to Us in Our Dreams (Bartas)
Phoenix (Petzold)
* Recollection (Aljafari) #
* Six Year Plan (Cendejas)
* Sparrows (Rúnarsson)
* Superworld (Markovics)
* Taxi (Panahi)
* The Thoughts That Once We Had (Andersen) #
* The Waiting Room (Drljača)

* Arabian Nights Volume 1: The Restless One (Gomes)
* Arabian Nights Volume 2: The Desolate One (Gomes)
* Arabian Nights Volume 3: The Enchanted One (Gomes)
Blood Cells (Seomore/Bull)
By Our Selves (Kötting) #
* Daughters (Speth)
The Canal (Kavanagh)
Clouds of Sils Maria (Assayas)
* Dark in the White Light (Jayasundara)
* Gipsofila (Leitão) #
* Jurassic World (Trevorrow)
* Norfolk (Radich)
* Queen of the Desert (Herzog) 
* The Russian Woodpecker (Gracia) # 
Spectre (Mendes)
* Tired Moonlight (West)
Whiplash (Chazelle)

* 88:88 (Medina)
Bypass (Hopkins)
* Corpse Collector (Dimitov)
* Every Thing Will Be Fine (Wenders)
Fifty Shades of Grey (Taylor-Wood)
* The Forbidden Room (Maddin)
* Ghost Mountaineer (Liiv)
* Impressions of a Drowned Man (Papavassiliou)
* Koza (Ostrochovský)
* Last Days in the Desert (García Barcha)
The Lobster (Lanthimos)
* Night Shift (Karimi)
* No Place for Fools (Mavromatti) #
* The Project of the Century (Quintela)
* The Pyramid Texts (Shammasian/Shammasian)
* Samuray-S (Perrone)
* Trumbo (Roach)

* Anemistiras (Bitos)
* Bridgend (Rønde) 
North v South (Nesbit)
She's Funny That Way (Bogdanovich) 
* Trafficked (Hodgkinson)
Wild (Vallée)

* Youth (Sorrentino)

Black Rain White Scars (Marxt)
Capital Cuba (Lurf)
Cinéma Variété (Gruzei)
Embargo (Lurf)
The Exquisite Corpus (Tscherkassky)
In, Over and Out (Brameshuber)
Ministry of Memories (Maxhuni/Guillebeau)
Moon Blink (Kohlberger)
Vintage Print (Fruhauf)

19. International Kurzfilmtage Winterthur (Jaberg)
7285 (Christman) 
Agility Test (Camborda)
All That is Solid Melts Into Data (Jeffery/Boaz)
All the Things That Are Not There (Solar) 
Ana Square (Novaković)
Bailu Dream (Boone)
Benjamin (Bezinović)
Boxeadora (Smaker)
Brâme: The Primitive in the Shadows (Vacher) 
Brain Story (Santomé)
The Bread (Kelmendi)
Citizens of Nowhere (Cousson/Tremblay)
City On the Hill (Mohammed/Mooleedhar)
Claude Lanzmann: Spectres of the Shoah (Benzine)
The Colony (Keltek)
Cruz Piñón (Franco)
Dark Avenues (Doyon) 
Den Pobedy: Victory Day (Lobelle) 
Discovery of Americo (Mariño) 
Echo (Baño)
Euroman (Tzafka)
Fictitious Force (Widmann)
Fig (Kolovos)
Flies (MacGarry)
The Glory of Filmmaking in Portugal (Mozos)
The Guests (Danielsen) 
Höhenrausch (Ruschitzka)
Hyohakusha Caminante Sin… (Franco/Caramés)
I Thought I Told You to Shut Up (Tyrell) 
In Rome (Gröller)
In the Horizon's Dream (Peña)
In Waking Hours (Vanagt/Vanagt)
Industrial Work (Naumann) 
Isabella Morra (Pagliai)
Kacey Mottet Klein, Birth of an Actor (Meier)
The Last Vodunsi (Urban/Figueiredo)
Logistics (Tavares)
A Long Way From Home (Rosenblatt)
Men - Rome (Gröller)
Night Without Distance (Patiño)
Normal (Brookshire)
Object (Skibińska)
Od Kršana do Peroja (Bezinović)
On the Road to Liberation: Ulica Oslobođenja, Pančevo, Serbia, 7th September 2015 (Young)
On the Side (Reis/Guerra)
Our Soul Turned Inside Out (Brailey)
Pepi & Muto (Unkovski)
Picnic (Pavlovic)
Prelude (Omil)
Rorschach #1: Points of Authority (Nine)
Self (Larcher)
Scrapbook (Hoolboom)
Shift (Gerbaulet)
SPOT (an Attwenger Trilogy) (Fruhauf)
Strata of the Image (Patiño)
Sunday Lunch (Deveaux)
The Sunne Always Shineth Upon Me (Fernández-Pulpeiro)
The (Roisz/Kovačič) 
These Walls Were Built By Donald Judd (One Chapter, in Texas) (Pirker)
This Particular Nowhere, Part 1 (Macedo)
Trials, Exorcisms (Nombre)
The Tow Truck Driver (Cramez)
Unary (Avilés)
Undisclosed Recpients (Aguilar)
The Vanishing Vanishing-Point (Borenstein/Weiss)
Volontè (various)
War Prayer (Wiebe)
Winter Light (Higgins)

Algorithm (Zaman)
Animal Glisse (Dezoteux)
Ashes and Embers (Mozos) 
Boomerang (Nicolaou)
Butterfly Hunter (Chen)
Buildings (Hammel)
Countryside By the Sea (Ruivo)
The Dangers of Progress (Dorci)
Driving Lesson (Santos/Leão)
every-one (Dorner)
The Ideal Girl (Pereira)
Fantastique (Rousseau)
Farewell (Rosa-Rosso)
The Gift (Pesheva)
Jackie (Tamoševičius)
Kamila (Mikeskova)
The Last Night (Reis)
A Long Time Ago in Silesia (Protokowicz)
No Wolf Has a House (Jušić)
October is Over (Akerman/Lopes)
Olympiades (Ducos)
Our Body (Komljen)
Sara (Perez)
The Seed (Kotsoni)
Sin dios ni Santa Maria (Vásquez)
Swimming In Your Skin Again (Nance)
Terrace with a View (Rousseau)
Three Variations on Ofelia (Riqué)
The Time of a Young Man About to Kill (Zinxhiria)
Tranquility of Blood (Sahmanovic)
Um dia Cabouqueiros (Baltazar)
Waldszenen (Krautgasser)
The Weight of Love (Jungeun)
Who Will Pay the Bill? (Nocke)

The Baby (Asgari)
The Creative Soul of Trinidad and Tobago (Leon)
Epicura (Kozia)
Fever (Ustelentseva)
Great Restaurant (Towrivarian)
Iron Maiden (Vernier)
The Loyalist (Kang)
Talio (Fakoua/Djia)
Unripe Cherries (Jovanovikj)